Raising Awareness and Money for the Shannon Bradshaw Trust, Warrington

When I first had the idea of children raising money with adults for The Shannon Bradshaw Trust, I could only dream of the weekend I’ve just had. It all began on Friday when I received a cheque from Partington Primary School (I’ll post about our Saturday Snowdon climb tomorrow). I’ve posted before about the plans that Partington had to raise money and I’ve been trying to give updates as and when I’ve heard about them but never did I imagine the total raised or the amount of children who had chosen this as their homework project and every penny helped towards the huge total. There was a newsletter which listed all of the children who had raised money doing their projects, raising from £3 to £710 with activities selling loom bands, swim-a-thons, a walk to the Trafford Centre dressed up, the list went on. Every single penny matters!

Every single penny raised, by every single child showed thoughtfulness, selflessness, dedication and commitment in a world where children are often criticised for being self indulgent, self obsessed and spoilt. It is emotionally overwhelming to know that children who my mum had never met, were willing to work so hard for a charity helping out other children less fortunate than themselves in terms of their health!

I want to say a special thank you to the adults who helped and encouraged the children during MAD week: Emma Pickens, Extended Services Co-ordinator, Naomi Parkinson, Deputy Head and my best friend, who made it all possible by raising an amazing awareness of The Shannon Bradshaw Trust, Anita Edwards, Head Teacher, plus the teaching staff who supported MAD week.

But a huge thank you (I hope this is read by some) has to go to the parents of all of the children for supporting, encouraging and more than likely donating their own money. You have encouraged your children to really make a difference to the lives of others!

In total, including Nursery and Reception’s dance-a-thon during MAD week Partington Primary raised a staggering £2400! Thank you doesn’t seem enough!


Comments on: "Thank You Just Doesn’t Seem Enough!" (2)

  1. Joanna Frank said:

    Absolutely fantastic xx well done to you all x


  2. Naomi Parkinson said:

    I shall get Emma to add the blog link to our newsletter this week then the parents can access it too. I will also print off a few copies of your blog and put them up around school if that is ok?? Naomi x


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