Raising Awareness and Money for the Shannon Bradshaw Trust, Warrington

When Alex and I first had this idea about children leading fund raising events with adults, we imagined it to be big but never in our wildest dreams did we imagine it would be so emotional and touching! (Bit naïve of me really considering the nature of the work The Shannon Bradshaw Trust do!) Anita Edwards, one of my best friends and head at Partington Primary, set the challenge to the children in her school to plan and organise a fund raiser for The Shannon Bradshaw Trust. The story of Ben’s Bike Ride and his video has touched the hearts of our family and of The Shannon Bradshaw Trust. His video can be seen here . So far this boy has raised £585 and looks set to win the competition to raise the most. I have asked Anita if I can go in and visit him to personally say thank you because I am quite literally blown away. My mum would have been in tears watching this video because this is exactly what she wanted, children involved in charity events and thinking of others less fortunate than themselves. In this day and age where young children can get a bad press for being on social media and playing computer games, this young boy has shown that children are inspirational people with big hearts. These are the stories that should make headline news!

Anita has also sent me a picture of some ribbons, made at home, by a little girl in her school. She then brought them into school to sell them for The Shannon Bradshaw Trust. Simply amazing! anitasI’d have bought one too but they all sold out! The final amount raised by Partington Primary is coming through soon, the deputy head Naomi Parkinson is extremely excited and I look forward to giving them an invitation to the Mad Hatters’ Ball on June 13th to say thank you!

So now it’s time to lead by example and get involved in the fund raising myself. Alex has challenged me, her and Ben, to climb Mount Snowdon on May 16th dressed in a Mad Hatter theme. So with some other friends and their children we will be doing just that. Photos and the post to follow but if you want to sponsor us you can do at https://www.justgiving.com/madhattersclimbsnowdon/ The school where I am deputy is also planning a Make a Difference (MAD) week for different charities with The Shannon Bradshaw Trust being one of them. There are lots of great things in the planning and this will take place week beginning 8th June!

If you know any children planning activities to raise money for The Shannon Bradshaw Trust, please let me know on here by leaving a comment and I’ll celebrate them in a post.



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