Raising Awareness and Money for the Shannon Bradshaw Trust, Warrington


Family fun at my 40th Fancy Dress party

Mum has 4 grandchildren, to Claire, and they meant the world to her and her to them. Charlotte is now 21, Laura 18, Alex 10 and Ben 7.

Alex, mum’s 10 year old granddaughter, desperately wanted to raise money for The Shannon Bradshaw Trust, in particular the Community Centre, and had many ideas of how to do this. So with this in mind, Claire and I, and her grandchildren wanted mum’s birthday, 1st January, to mark the start of a New Year full of fundraising events which are to be organised and led by children, with the support of adults, in aid of the Shannon Bradshaw Trust (monies from this can also serve to carry on mum’s hard work in the Community Centre).

The idea is that our friends and family along with their child/children, or children they know, come up with an idea to raise money. This can be as small or as big as they want, bringing adults and children together in fun! Their fundraising activity or event is to take place at the start of 2015, up until May 31st 2015. This blog is going to keep everyone updated of those fundraising events as people are going to e mail me their pictures and events with money raised.

This fundraising extravaganza will then finish with a ‘Bonner’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ on Saturday 13th June 2015 (the nearest Saturday after mum’s first anniversary) from 5pm at Poulton Park Golf Club in Warrington. The celebration event will be free for the children as a way of saying thanks to them for their fundraising and the price of adults’ tickets will cover the cost of the venue and food (to be confirmed soon). It will be fancy dress with the Mad Hatter’s Tea party theme (obviously it is optional but the more people dressing up, the more fun it will be).

Alex and I are climbing Snowdon with other adults and children so watch this space for those pictures. If you have any questions, just leave them on this page. For anyone reading this wants to start a fundraising activity please do and let us know what you’re doing- the more creative the better. For anyone reading this who has and  started their idea, I want to thank you so much in advance of keeping our mum’s memory alive! It means a lot to me, Claire, Charlotte, Laura, Alex and Ben and she’s finally got her way by involving us all in her charity work!!


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